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Spice up your corporate day or pro am with a 10 to 15 min Golf Trick-Shot & Magic Show - this show is designed to be an introduction to the day's events and is an excellent opportunity to welcome and showcase the Sponsors of the event. more info

King Henry gets Tricky at the China Media Classic

King Henry WOWS the crowd and world's media while attempting to hit a deck of cards out of Zhang Lian Wei's mouth. Zhang Lian Wei was known as the Tiger Woods of China with over 17 Tour victories and was the first Chinese player to play in the Masters. more info

July Asian Golf Monthy

The Henry Epstein Show has entertained high profile corporate groups all over the world and has appeared on a variety of TV shows and channels such as FOX Sport, ESPN, Star Sport ASIA, AXN, Euro Sport and the Australian Networks. more info

King Henry's C-Thru Grips

Check out King Henry's Grips, find out how you can personalise your own custom set inside the the Shop! more info

OneAsia Tour

Epstein opens with a 66 to Lead the 2010 SK Telecom in KOREA more info


Are you Brisbane's best Putter? CLICK HERE for tournament dates more info

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King Henry's Grips

2014 King Henry Collection. 14 of the hottest woman on the planet 13 tour velvet grips plus 1 paddle putter grip. This are the Grips Henry Epstein uses on tour and come with the official King Henry Crown. More Information

Price: $250.00 AUD

C - Thru Grips

Naked Lady Golf Grips

"Naked Lady Golf Grips" Tour C-Thru grips are new way to turn you game around. Its a great way to show off to your friends on the fist tee when your holding onto a Vitoria Secret Super Model instead of a Golf Pride Grip. $18 each $200 deliverd or $250 for a full set of clubs instaled. Be Quick as I only have a limmited amount of Victoria Secret Supermodels to go around and bewhere of jellous golfers. More Information

Price: $200.00 AUD